It is the aftermath, as much as the actual results, that explain why the public defied all expectations and voted for Donald Trump.

Over the course of the past eight years, the White House’s focus has concentrated on ideological goals rather than solving problems or meeting actual needs.

It didn’t seem to matter much that vast numbers of workers would lose their livelihoods as a result of demonstrably failed socialist-lite policies and a climate change agenda based largely on junk science.   It didn’t matter that the 2016 candidate it vigorously supported repeatedly broke the law, because, after all, following statutes plays a poor second to the “fundamental transformation” it so urgently sought to impose not through consensus but through executive fiat.

That is why President Obama chose to implement his agenda via executive orders rather than the constitutionally mandated process of Congressional legislation. It’s why his supporters fully approved of the White House practice that ignored the requirement to have treaties approved by the Senate.

Far too often, a biased press overlooked, even cheered on, blatant violations…

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